Sunday, October 21, 2007

Oh What Fun...Ava Laine is One!

Well Ava is officially one year old! I can't believe my sweet baby girl is already blows my mind how quickly it has gone by. She has blessed our lives so much in the past year...I can't imagine what else she has in store!
She had a great birthday yesterday which started off with her birthday bash at 10:30 a.m. at the Red Caboose Playgound. About 35 people showed up (including Mimi, Papa, Aunt Taylor and Aunt Kennedy) and she got so many presents we don't know what to do with them! One of her very favorite presents was a cell phone (of course:). We had food and a BEAUTIFUL cake that we had made by a friend from Church who does cakes. When we sang the happy birthday she looked at us all like we were silly and she was very cautious about the tasting the cake. She got to swing (one of her favorite things) and go down the slide on the playground. It was a warm, beatiful day with not a cloud in the sky! Afterwards we came home to unload presents and watch the UK game. Ava wore her new UK onsie for the game which was unfortunately not a good luck charm this time :(

Ava has been busy learning new things the last couple of weeks. She took her first steps on October 11th and now can walk for quite a few steps if she's in the mood. If you say "Where's my nose?" she will point to her nose and then clap for herself...she also claps for herself after each bite of baby food and whenever she hands you something you ask for. She is very proud of her little sweet self :)

Nathaniel has been having back problems the last few weeks, but is starting to get better. He is doing physical therapy twice a week and stretching a lot each day. We hope he gets to be 100% soon since he has been in a good bit of pain. Other than keeping up with boo bear I was just planning and getting ready for her bday party the last week or so. We are all doing well!
Love, The Millers
Links to Albums of Ava's Birthday Party:

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Summer Time

Ava is almost one and I am just making a blog! I know...I'm behind :)

Well, Summer is over and we had a great one! It was fun filled with trips to visit family and friends and even a cruise to the carribbean!!

Ava's first summer:
Ava's favorite summertime activities were talking walks, going to the park to swing and playing at the pool. In May Ava started getting teeth. She now has five with three coming in any day now! I will admit that one tooth is a little snaggled becuase she pushes on it with her bottom two teeth all the time! She started crawling at nine months in July and as been on the go ever since. Early August she started pulling up on everything. She cruises the furniture with ease, but still no walking. Also in August Ava spent a week at her Mimi and Papa's (my parents) without us when we figured out at the last minute that we didn't have the proper documents for her to go on the cruise with us. It was SO HARD for me, but she had a great time with them!

She can go up the stairs and works on going down the stairs whenever we visit Houston and Sarah's house (we dont' have any stairs). She loves to jibber jabber and sometimes it sounds like she's saying reals words :) Her favorite thing to do now is pull everything from the cabinets. She has become opinionated and will let you know if she disagrees with something with an exasperated sigh, a grunt, or if you've really made her mad a squeel:) She loves to pretend to brush her hair, put on shoes or answer the phone and then clap for herself. She realli likes sunday school (as you can see:) her teachers say she is VERY interactive in the lesson:) She has taken herself down to one nap a day on most days...rarely will she take two. She has finally started to eat solid foods fairly well. She likes gerber graduates ravioli, shredded cheese, pureed turkey(eww), and she just started eating babyfood veggies (only if you clap after each bite). Her favorite treat is goldfish crackers which we try to keep to a minimun :)
This is what Ava thinks of cassett tapes :)
Well that's all for now...I will try to post updates and pictures often.