About Us

The tall, dark, and handsome man on the right is the husband, daddy, provider and leader of this party of five! He recently entered his thirties with a bang...on the heels of renewing his commitment to live his life for Christ and in the midst of his first adoption! He is a man of his word and lives his life with integrity. He is a hard worker and does everything to his best ability. Relationships are very important to him and he genuinely cares for the people around him...People are drawn to him and his kind demeanor. He works hard in medical sales and enjoys playing sports of all kinds...especially basketball.  He is a UK basketball fan (converted from the dark side, by his lovely wife). With his girls he likes to go on walks, go on early morning daddy-daughter dates for doughnuts and play outside...he is anxious to add his little boy into the daddy fun soon!

The lovely lady to his left is me..the wife, mommy, and manager of all things kids and house. I stay at home with the kids and take care of the house while the husband is at work.  I considers this my absolute dream job!  I'm inching toward 30 and looking forward to the big 3-0 birthday!! Honesty and loyalty are important to me and I try to be someone my friends can trust and confide in. While I may not always have the best advice, at least I am a great listener! I enjoy spending time with friends and love to be crazy and laugh as much as possible. I'm a Kentucky girl and may or may not be a little obsessed with UK basketball! With the kids I love to do crafts, take "field trips", and snuggle as much as possible! Even though I often falls short, I try to live a life worthy of Christ and live out my favorite verse Philippians 1:27.

Oldest of three. Totally silly and always looking for a laugh! She will more than likely be the class clown which makes her parents just a tad bit nervous! At five years old she pretty much the smartest kid ever and in spite of the things that make her life a little harder than others, she has a free spiritedness that is absolutely contagious. Her views of the world are pure and literal...tell her there's a frog in her throat and she will shove a hand in her mouth to get it out! She loves to go to pre school, play outside, ride her bike, go to the zoo and have a "family snuggle" before story time at night. She is loved so much by her thankful mommy and daddy.

The middle child, but just six months older than her younger brother. She is feisty and sassy and has been from the second she was born. She loves hard and the love him her eyes has been evident from the time she was an infant. She can go from sweet to sassy in the matter of a millisecond and is always keeping life interesting! She is a hilarious conversationalist and if she knows you will talk your ear off. She is a girly girl who loves to wear dress up and put on make up. She is mommy's little helper and always exclaiming "I will help you!" when someone is doing a chore or cooking dinner. She has always been referred to as the angel baby and has always loved to be held. Mommy and daddy love her tons and have always obliged. 

Youngest of three and the only boy!! He is a all boy. Rough and tumble and loves to rough house with his daddy, but at the same time will sit snug in an ergo carrier attached to mommy  for as long as she can hold him. He is so funny and full of life and yet at times he has a look in his eyes that make you wonder if he solving the worlds problems in that exact moment. If he sees something done once, he is sure that he can do it himself. Persistence is a quality he has a lot of, whether it comes to trying to tie shoes (before he's two!) or wanting to cut his food with a butter knife all by himself!). He is loved deeply...even from the other side of the world.