Monday, April 28, 2008

Deadbeat Blogger

Well I've been a deadbeat blogger that's for sure, but I plan on updating once a week from now on. I'll give a quick Ava update since for a.) Nate and I have nothing to update about and b.) You only care about Ava news anyway :)

She is growing growing growing! She is a tall girl 85% in height and 50% in weight...I don't remember the exact numbers on her height, but she was 24 and a half pounds at her eighteen month check-up last week.

About a month or so ago I was a big dork and wrote down all of her words and she was up to fifty something...she is saying new words all the time and will repeat pretty much anything...I never thought "oh shoot" was a bad word until I heard it come out of my precious 18 month olds mouth! So we are on nice words alert in the Miller house. One of her cutest words is "come on" she has a distinct southern twang with this one and says "come own, momma!" while motioning me to come on with her hands...she's a mess! She pretty much never says no, but "done" instead. Which I've decided is her sassy version of no. Ava do you want some peas? "done!" she says as she shews them away with the back of her hand :)

She loves to go on walks and to the park, which we do almost every day. After a couple of hours of hanging out in the houses Ava tends to get stir crazy and we have to get OUT! Otherwise she makes everyone around her crazy too :)

She is climbing on pretty much anything that she can...sometimes she falls, but typically she's a pretty good climber and takes her time making it to the top of things. I guess she learned that in her my gym class...she is much braver since she's been going to My Gym and she squeals and claps whenever we walk in the door!

We are loving the nice weather and looking forward to all of our walks, pool, zoo, and park trips this summer!