Friday, May 16, 2008

Time Out!

Well Ava is climbing on everything at this point...dressers, end tables, kitchen tables, toys backs of couches, etc. We have implemented time out to try to get her to stop climbing on everything. So we put the pack n play in the guest room and that's where she goes to time out for 90 seconds. Well it did cause a decline in climbing. The first day we went from climbing on the kitchen table about 15 times a day to about 5. However, now she has realized that she can climb out of time out. So a couple days ago she she climbed on the kitchen table and looked at me and said...."Tie Ow Moma!" I filmed her in time out and I'll post it on here if I figure out how. It's pretty funny.
We bought a zoo membership this year so we have already been a few times and Ava's favorite part is the monkeys. She was cracking up at the swinging monkey the other day. She also really likes the petting zoo... especially the ducks!