Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We love FALL!!

I'm so excited that fall is here! I love the fall weather, the colors, the pumpkins, halloween and thanksgiving! I decided that Ava should love this time of year as much as I do and have been enjoying time outdoors, lots of mum and pumpkins shopping and taking a trip to hicklen farm. She had a great time and cried when we had to leave :( Sarah went with us and thankfully had her camera so we got some cute pics of Ava at the farm...B was in school that day so we will have to take him back some other time!
Other Ava news...She went to Mimi and Papa's while I was out of town for a wedding shower and met Aunt Kennedy's new hamster, Chloe. Well the next week she kept singing "Old McDonald had a hampster(yes she says it with a P)..EIEIO" and after about 175 verses of old mcdonald had a hamster I told her to "say something different next time" So now my silly child sings "Old McDonald had a different" She is such a mess! She is for sure a different is some sort of animal and even asks me to "draw a different" in which case I draw a half cat half bunny :)
This weekend we went to the Cowboy Show. It's a show that Nathaniel's club from college puts on every year where they perform a variety of country songs. We know that Ava loves music so we bit the bullet and paid for the overpriced tickets. She LOVED it...she sat in awe, clapped along to the music and waved at the singers. After almost every song she would turn to me and say "I like that song!" Ava and I did leave early so she would get in bed at a reasonable hour.
We are gearing up for Ava's birthday party this weekend in the Miller house. We have her birthday supplies in the guest room and she likes to go in there and tell us "it's for my party." I'm so glad she knows that the party is for her...I was worried she wouldn't get it when we started planning it, but she has been to a couple birthday parties now and she's pretty excited about it...she knows there will be "cake and boons(balloons)" there so she's pumped! Watch for party pics next week!!!