Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Morning 2008

This year we spent Christmas at home for the second year in a row. Last year I got sort of sad b'c I missed a lot of my family's traditions. So this year we started some traditions of our own and had a really GREAT christmas! Christmas Eve we went to Opryand. On Christmas morning we woke up to find what Santa had brought Ava Laine. Which since she is a Mickey Mouse fanatic was a Mickey Mouse Talkin Bobbin Clubhouse and a Mickey Mouse Bandstand. In her stocking he left her a Mickey Mouse DVD, Some Color Wonder Paint and Markers, a cook Mickey Mouse tumbler cup, Stickers, Play Doh and two candy canes (cane-canes) which she wanted to eat before she would even think about opening her presents! After that Ava opened her presents from Mommy and Daddy, Nana and Uncle Mo. She Also had a table and chairs and an easel from Mimi and Papa waiting on her even though they were in KY celebrating xmas. And she opened presents from Papaw and Angie at Thanksgiving. So, Ava has been on a present opening marathon since her bday! After everyone opened presents we had breakfast casserole, hashbrowns and fruit for breakfast. Nate's mom and I made Christmas Dinner and Nate, Uncle Mo, Soon to be AUnt Audrey, Nana, Ava and I had dinner together. Ava was super excited to see her Mickey Mouse things when she woke up. She loved the football uncle mo got her and was ready to start throwing and catching it as soon as she opened it! She was also very excited to get a pig from Nana that she has fallen in love with at pre-school. And she loves her toaster that matches her kitchen set. Toast may be her favorite food so she loves to pretend to make it! She opened every single present and wanted to get every last inch of paper off of them! One of the best memories from the day is that Ava sang "Happy Birthday Jesus" all day. It was just so sweet!!

Opryland 2008

Christmas Eve we had dinner at Opryland with Nana and walked around to look at the pretty Christmas lights and decorations. Ava loved it...her favorite parts were the pond/waterfall/fish, and the lights/water show.