Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jesus

So I got this ornament for a swap that ended up being cancelled and so it gets to stay on my tree forever and ever (just so we are clear I was going to try to steal it back for myself anyway) and I'm so glad, because I definitely needed a reminder about the "reason for the season." As I rush around trying to find the perfect pillow pets (a dog and a bumblebee p.s.) I so easily forget that Christmas is to celebrate the birth of our SAVIOR. Thank you God for sending your SON to SAVE us. Thank you. Thank you. Happy Birthday, Jesus.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A sign from above

There could quite possibly be no clearer sign from above that we are on the right path than going downtown, finding a parking spot on the front door step of the office you are going to, finding some random change, having the nicest state employee in the history of the earth help you at the window, get your documents so quickly that you make it back to the meter with 12 minutes to SPARE! That is exactly what happened to a friend and I today as we went downtown to take care of some adoption paperwork. Yes, God was shining down on us today! Major shout out to the Davidson County Office of Vital Records and the sweetest lady ever at their front window!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

1st Home Study Appointment

OKay. We had our first home study appointment with Catholic Charities last week. Our social worker is super great, and the stack of papers we left with was a little intimidating at the time, but is just plain SCARY now! I did not even realize how difficult filling out paper work would be with two little ones running around and wreaking havoc. Basically filling out one paper = one room demolition in my house....So if you come to my house and it's a disaster you will know that I was trying to get a little paperwork done that day, so don't judge!
Our social worker insinuated that we may have a baby boy much sooner than we thought. Like much Much MUCH sooner! She said once we get on the waiting list we could expect a referral in less than a seven months-ish. And if we are on top of things we could be on the waiting list in a couple months. But as stated in the previous paragraph, being on top of things has proven to be a challenge! This news is kind of overwhelming on a couple of levels. 1.) Nora and Nolan may be much closer in age than we anticipated (but how fun will that be for them growing up??!) and 2.) We gotta get to gettin' it on the fundraising (but we know God will provide and are really trusting in Him). The more we are crossing off the list the more real this all feels and I can't wait to get a picture of our baby boy!! BUT-first things first. Paperwork.

**We know that God's timing is perfect and we will have the baby that He has chosen for our family whenever it is perfect for HIS plan...NOT according to ours**

Okay...headed off to do some paperwork :)

Halloween 2010

The older they get the more fun Halloween is! Ava ran from house to house screaming, "HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!" It took all of her strength (and manners) to not grab big handfuls of candy, but she succeeded (most of the time). Nora was crowd watching and loved getting down with all the big kids. We went to Houston and Sarah's and had dinner, a costume parade, and trick or treated in their neighborhood. This is the second year we have done this and had a great time with great friends... We are hoping this is the start of Halloween tradition...Thanks to Houston and Sarah for a great time!!
**Ava was minnie mouse, Nora was a spider, and they were so stinking cute! Sweet Memories :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Birthday Girls

My girl, Ava, LOVES her some birthday parties! She is the most excited when she gets a birthday invite in the mail and she carries it around and talks about it forever! So, you can imagine her excitement at her very own birthday party! This year she had a Minnie Mouse party at the park. This was her first year to share it with her baby sister and she didn't mind-a party's a party! Nora was a sleepy birthday girl, but still had lots of fun! Instead of presents we asked for donations to the Banebow Foundation. Bane and Nora shared a first birthday and we wanted to do this for the sweet Beasley family and the Banebow Foundation that is doing so much GOOD! The girls had a great time and we are so very blessed with such great friends and family who came out to celebrate!

Ava Girl,
My sweet girl. When you were born I could not have even pictured you at four years old! You have grown into a little girl in a BLINK of an eye. You are so big and doing so much on your own, but you will always be my first baby girl-it was just you and me for three sweet years. You have such a sweet spirit and love to love! You are so funny and are always surprising us with funny quotes and songs that you have picked up on. You are so very smart. You can remember just about anything! You have blessed our lives with much love, laughter and joy over the last four years and we thank God for you. I love you.
Love, Mommy

Nora Baby,
My precious snuggie. You have been a sweet snuggle bug since the day you were born and your snuggles are straight from Heaven. I must admit, I rarely put you down, because I know how quickly this time will pass. More than one person has called you spoiled, but I wouldn't have it any other way. You love attention and playing games with people and you think you can do anything that you see someone else do. It is so fun to watch you learning about your world and trying new things! You always have a smile on your face and love in your eyes. Those eyes. So expressive. So flirty. I can't believe God has blessed us with such an angel. I love you.
Love, Mommy

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Big Miller Family News...

In May 2009, during a conversation with friends, adoption came up and at that moment God whispered to my heart...I couldn't get it out of my mind.  I immersed myself in learning more about the orphan crisis and adoption and I couldn't get those images, facts, and stories out of my heart.  Often I would just sit and cry (actually, I was pregnant, so it was more like sobbing).  I was crying for the children without a family and I was crying because I was overwhelmed with emotion at the fact that what began as a whisper was turning into a loud and definite calling.

After talking with Nathaniel we decided to pray and see if this was truly where God was leading us...since I was pregnant with Nora at the time we couldn't adopt a baby even if we had thought it was the right time (due to regulations on children order and age ranges by the agencies we had looked into) and maybe God was calling us to help orphans in another way since really it is kind of a crazy idea for a young family with a 2 year old and one child not even born yet, right?

Over the next year God didn't take the calling to adopt a baby off my heart, but we did have lots of other life changing events going on (that made adopting sound like an even crazier idea!) so it didn't consume me like it had in the first few months. Even though many things happened that could have easily led us off of the path of adoption we continued to pray for Him to open our eyes to what He wanted our family to do.

And, CRAZY thing, God put thing after thing, event after event, person after person, story after story about adoption in our face, and on our path, so that eventually it became so obvious to me that it was kind of funny.

Okay, I'm listening...I get it. He wants us to adopt. For sure.

While Nathaniel was open to adoption he wasn't necessarily on board. He kind of thought it was...well, CRAZY to do at this point in our lives. But like I said, he was open and if God is calling me to do something he wants to be open and obedient to that.

So early September our church offered a class on adoption that was led by Gwen and Scott Oatsvall (amazing!). We decided to go and hear what they had to say. After hearing their story about their adoption process and how God is working through their lives and their adoptions we felt even more encouraged. We continued to be be in discussion and prayer over this big decision and felt like this was where God was leading us, not only through the people He had placed in our lives, but the words He had given us through scripture.  So, we decided to take a leap of faith and be obedient to God's calling on us. We were nervous, excited and a little scared, but felt certain in our decision.

We knew we wanted to adopt from Ethiopia so we chose an adoption agency, sent in our application, and got approved in record time!

We would love for you to join in our journey on our blog as we plan to document this very special time in our lives as much as possible. Mostly, we covet your prayers for this journey that we have started. We know it may be a wild and crazy ride, but we have stayed in our comfort zone long enough and we are ready to step out and be crazy for God...and hopefully it's the start of a lot more craziness around here :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer 2010

And since I'm not up for making 175 posts in one are a few other things that have kept us busy this summer!
Straightened Ava's hair...

went to six flags...

took trips in the mini...

quite a few zoo trips...


swam with B...

got an adventure science center membership...

4th of July

Im not sure that it's possible to pack more fun into a weekend than we did for the 4th of July. We stayed with Papaw, Gigi, Chase and Clay and had a big breakfast every morning out on the covered porch overlooking the mountains. We roasted marshmallows on the camp fire.We went to the water park and went swimming at Nanny and Big Pap's where we grilled out with Sissy, Kevin and Cameron. We went to my cousin Genie's house boat and met up with Brittain's to grill out, go out on the ski boat, swam in the lake and jump off the top of the house boat. The only thing we didn't do is watch the fireworks show b'c Ava was so pooped that she went to bed at 5:45 p.m. and slept for the rest of the night! We had a great weekend with extended family...precious memories that we don't get to make often enough.

Memorial Day

We had a fun family Memorial Day weekend...Mimi, Papa and Taylor came in from ATL and Nate's Aunt Terina came in to visit from California. Aunt T cooked SO MUCH delicious food! I think I ate my weight in ribs and steak that weekend. We girlled out, played cards and had lots of fun together!

Visiting Nana

We had a fun trip to visit to Naperville, IL to visit Nana back in May. It was great to see her and we actually got to stay for quite a few days. Ava enjoyed taking walks on the trails around Nana's house and chasing the geese (and the geese chased her back). We love visiting downtown Naperville and walking on the river also. We did so much walking that we bought a double jogging stroller while we were there. The only problem was that is was pretty chilly most days!

Mother's Day

Most of the time I look at my babies and can't believe that God actually blessed me with them and that they grew inside of MY belly!! I mean how crazy is that??? Daddy and the girls made this mother's day very special even though we were on the road to Chicago for most of it :) I love my sweet girls so much and am truly blessed to be their Mommy.