Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Have you noticed what's different about our blog, other than the totally awesome new design done by Little Web Writing Hood!? Yes....Our tab says Ethiopia. Yes...our title says "Baby T"!!!!!!!

On May 9, 2011 we saw his face for the first time and our hearts were changed forever as we looked into those BIG, BEAUTIFUL brown eyes. It was just like looking into the eyes of my youngest child (literally same eyes as Nora!) and I KNEW that he was our baby.

He was a waiting child with a different agency so we switched agencies(like that exact day), finished our ET dossier at lightening speed (which is why I've been holed up, not putting on makeup and not answering phone calls:) and officially accepted the referral of our sweet boy!!

WE HAVE A SON!!!!!!!!!!!

A beautiful, chunky, precious, wonderful, son!! He is just over 12 months old, though we don't his precise age and I'm telling you people, he is the cutest thing you will ever see!! I SO wish I could show off his picture on our blog, but that's against the rules and we are SO not breaking any rules!!  He was technically a waiting child as he did not fit the parameters of anyone on the waiting list and a couple other families had chosen other little boys over him based on their age parameters.  Who would have thought that we would have a referral right now??...God's plan is so amazingly perfect and I called her on precisely the right day when she had waiting Baby T who was waiting for a family as we were searching for a son!

The day that we accepted the referral was like a total out of body experience. I kept calling Nate at his office (which is not something he prefers me to do, but I could NOT help myself). And would say, "do you know we have a SON and he's in AFRICA!?!" Maybe I thought it would feel real if I said that enough!  I knew that there were lots of documents that I should be filling out, but I promise my brain would not work! When I tried to write I was shaky and when I tried to type I had typo after typo and I couldn't put great thoughts together.  My body felt strange...it was just crazy.  I just kept pacing back and forth...the only productive thing (besides staring at Baby T's picture and calling numerous people) that I did was take a shower.

When our new director told me that I could show off his picture I almost went to mush right there in my kitchen. It. was. real. If I could show off his picture then this must REALLY be our son.

Nate and I have been carrying around his picture (as do the girls!) so many of you have already seen him...but if you haven't seen his sweet face just come find us...we would totally love to show him off to you!

Thank you, God!!

We have coveted, and still covet, your prayers for our journey.  Please don't stop now! We ask that you specifically pray for Baby T. That he is healthy and stays healthy. That he is loved, happy and safe.  We also ask that you remember his family as I can only imagine what circumstances have led to their very difficult and brave decision. We also ask that you will pray for God's hand in a speedy process and that we can get a court date in July(it is SUCH a long shot and at this point probably impossible, but we know nothing is impossible for our God!) before courts close for 2 months for rainy season!!
UPDATED : We can now share our referral picture (since it's official!). Here is the first picture of  Our sweet boy

On Cloud Nine,


Courtney said...

yeah yeah yeah! Ethiopia! Baby T! a son!

so excited for you wonderful folks. praying:)

Heather said...

Yeah!!!!!!! I am so happy for you and your family and your new son! Again, congratulations!

house of earnest* said...

So excited, can't wait to meet Baby T! Also- love the new blog design :)

house of earnest* said...

So excited for you and cannot wait to meet Baby T! Also- love your new blog design :)

Becky said...

Wow, catching up on your blog and didn't expect to see this post! Congratulations that is wonderful news!!