Monday, August 25, 2008

Holding onto Summer...

Ava went to stay with her mimi and papa for the weekend at the beginning of the month while Nathaniel and I went to the lake with friends. We had a great time tubing, hanging out with friends, and eating lots of food! At the end of the weekend we REALLY missed Ava. I drove (30 hrs in one weekend) to cincinnati to get Ava and stayed for the rest of the week while Nate was on a work trip. Needless to say...he was really missing his boo bear by the time he got back.  While in Cincy Ava went to the zoo and we went to Kings Island where she rode quite a few rides, but did not even attempt to crack a smile. She wasn't scared...just clearly not in the mood...
I finished our bathroom update while Ava was out of town and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. The first week it was finished I just stood in it for no good reason once in a while :)
This week we have been getting together Ava's school supplies for pre-school next week...I'm pretty sure I'll cry her first day. I didn't think I would, but the closer it comes I'm having anxiety and second thoughts about this pre-school thing :( I don't think I can give her up two days a week...I wish it were just one day, but I know it will be good for her and her social skills. My little loner :)
This weekend we went to the zoo which was fun. The zoo is one of two places that Ava actually asks to go to. She says "go zoo?... monkeys, gaffs, ela-ents, rhinos??" There are no rhinos at our zoo...I think the Nashville zoo and the Cincy zoo have merged in her brain. The other place she asks to go to is "the poo-ol" where she is pretty sure Bennett and Sarah live because she says "the poo-ol? beenah? sarwah?" :)
Yesterday we went to the church wide picnic at the Hardeman's. Ava had fun on the inflatable moonwalks/slide and such. However, the fun ended when we were waiting in line to ride the ponies and Ava started to projectile vomit ALL OVER ME. Like six times in  a row...but don't worry she was still asking to "ride pony." From there we went home...Me wearing Nate's shirt, Nate in his wife beater(excuse the politically incorrect term), and ava wearing nothing. On the way home she threw up again and continued to thow up every thirty minutes until was our first experience with the throw up and it wasn't fun. She is completely recovered luckily it was short lived. Unfortunately, I literally just got a text from my friend Katie that says "Pete (her little boys nickname) is throwing up. Glad it's short lived"...well shoot...hope no one else comes down with it ( including myself:)