Monday, November 10, 2008

Twick or Tweat!

This year Ava was Minnie Mouse for Halloween because Minnie and Mickey Mouse are her most favorite people (or mice:) EVER! Thanks to Mrs Candy Donegan for getting Ava a Minnie costume for her birhtday!
We went to Trunk or Treat at our church, HHCOC, on Sunday night. Ava really enjoyed it! She preferred to get the candy herself and put it in her bag though :) On Halloween we went to Mt Juliet and trick or treated with the De Araujo Gorge Family...We had a lot of fun! Ava and Garrett made a great Minnie and Spiderman duo...After we convinced Ava that she didn't have to go in to the houses that she was trick or treating at and the people weren't going to take her she had a lot of fun! She loved to say "TWICK OR TWEAT!" and "Minnie Mouse Twick or Tweats" Ava and garret rode their Radio Flyer tricycles around the neighborhood (well mostly pushed by mommy or daddy) and they were super cute..I've only got one pic from Trunk or Treat and hope to have more from Halloween soon!