Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a new direction

Well we have some exciting adoption news...We have officially began the process to adopt from Uganda!!

While Ethiopia DOES have a special place in our hearts and it saddened us to leave the ET program,  we feel like God has opened and closed doors for us to lead us to Uganda and we feel certain that that is where our boy is!

What lead us to this change??

A couple of months ago we learned about a baby boy in Uganda who needed a family and we were totally on board. We prayed for this situation to work out in the best interest of this baby boy, and of course it did! It turns out that there are families in Uganda who want to adopt him, and we know that staying in Uganda is absolutely the best option, so we rejoice that he will have a forever family IN Uganda!

During the weeks that we were praying about this situation, and not knowing how it would work out, we prayed that God would lead us to where He wanted us to be and open or close doors in order for us to get there. Even though God had different plans for this little boy we felt that He had lead us to this country for a here we are.  We have switched agencies and are in a Uganda program that is very new.  We know that this new process will have lots of ups and downs (as does all international adoption), but we are hanging on for a wild ride that will end in bringing our sweet boy home!

We have nothing but great things to say about the agency that we were using and would HIGHLY recommend them anyone adopting from ET.  AND I feel very encouraged about the news coming from ET lately and I truly believe that everyone is working together to have great program.  Our family continues to pray for ET and their children and we ask that you do as well.  We also ask for prayers for  the children of Uganda and this new direction that our adoption journey has taken...we know that international adoption is a journey and we have faith that every twist and turn will lead us to our little boy.


Nathaniel and I are helping with a child advocacy non profit called Ordinary Hero and would like to invite you to an amazing silent auction and dinner where ALL proceeds benefit children in Nashville and across the world. Please check out the invitation HERE. To purchase tickets you can let me know or email and please check out all that this organization is doing on their website,!!

Many Blessings,

Many Blessings,


house of earnest* said...

I am so proud of you and nate and glad doors are opening for your family. We will keep on praying for you!

Future Mama said...

Congrats on this new direction! How exciting!!

Much love,
Future Mama