Sunday, September 11, 2011

I Remember

where I was on this day 10 years ago....

It was the first semester of my freshmen year at Lipscomb University.  I came back from the shower flipped on the T.V. and started drying my hair. As I was drying my hair I saw the news reports of a plane hitting the World Trade Center. Since my hair dryer was blaring I couldn't hear what was being said and was utterly confused...surely that didn't really happen.  I turned off the hairdryer and was stunned by what I heard....

How did this happen?? Was it an accident?? What was going on?? It felt like I was frozen in time as I watched live as the second plane hit. It was clear from that point on that this was no accident.  We were amidst a planned attack on our country.

I remember calling my mom, but honestly don't remember what we talked about or even if I got through to her.  I went to the student center to be surrounded by friends as we continued to watch the t.v. for any bit of information that was given.  I really don't remember any words that were said to me or by me that day, but so many pictures are burned into my memory forever.

I remember hearing of the other hijacked planes.  The attack on the pentagon.  The plane that crashed in a field 20 minutes (flight time) from Washington D.C.  I remember later learning that that crash was the result of a brave revolt by the passengers who were determined to not let the hijackers attack another building. I remember wondering how many planes were hijacked...and even my heart stopping for a moment when a plane went overhead.  And later, the eery feeling when it was announced that not one single  single plane was flying in U.S. airspace.

I remember watching as the south tower collapsed to the ground and then as the north tower did the same.

I remember the somber feeling that I should never feel safe again and at 18 years old knowing that this moment in time would change things forever.

Today I remember not only where I was, but all of those who lost their lives or a loved one, all of those who risked their lives to save others, all of those fighting for and leading our country then and now.