Friday, December 9, 2011

Submitted To Embassy

Woo Hoo!!! Yesterday our case was submitted to the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia..This is the  FINAL step in bringing our little boy home!!! We are praising God for getting us this far in our journey that has definitely been bumpy at times.


Now what do we do??

I'm sure you can guess....


Now we are waiting for the people at the Embassy to review our case.  It could be a couple of weeks or many weeks before we hear back from them, but we are praying that it is sooner than later. Once we hear from them we could be cleared on the spot or asked for more evidence (we are proving to them that he was an orphan...). Hopefully our case is clear to them and we will be approved. Once we are approved they will set up a date for us to come in for our Embassy interview...we will of course take the earliest one that they have and hopefully be on a plane asap to head to our little boy.  Once we have our interview CT will be granted a visa into the United States.

So, while legally he is our son he is not allowed to enter the U.S. until we have obtained a visa for him, which isn't as easy as it sounds. In the last five weeks our in country lawyer and staff were busy getting him a birth certificate, a passport, a visa medical exam and finalizing the required documents and paperwork that has to be turned in with his visa application...

Please pray with us that our case is reviewed and cleared SOON!! And of course for CT and all of the children waiting for their families....that they are healthy, happy and well cared for. 

I'll leave you with some cuteness of our little CT hanging out at the Transition House... looks like he misses his mommy and daddy to me :(

Our most recent picture of CT


Becky said...

He's so cute! Hope you get a Christmas miracle and get to bring him home by Christmas!