Saturday, October 13, 2012

I didn't tell the truth.

If they are giving out awards for world's greatest bloggers, I'm not getting one.

Excuse my last blog entry and the lies it held.

As soon as I said we were back one of my wild and crazy beautiful, wonderful, precious children smashed...and I mean smashed as in screen crushed, whatever liquids behind the screen dripping, can't see a thing kind of lap top. I envision the scene going much like this:

"Hmmm...mommy left her laptop on the couch. That could be fun. Let's think of the best way that we can totally ruin it. Mommy will love that. I'm going to take it off the couch, put it on the floor and pretend it's a trampoline. That will be AWESOME!!"

It will forever be a mystery since no one will admit to the actual sequence of events. Ava blamed it on Chet. Chet blamed it on Nora. And Nora blamed it on Ava....story of my life. I am again...back to you believe me???