Thursday, February 10, 2011

Calling Moms!

Sometimes I feel like I feed my children the same things. every. single. day. So, I need some mom advice on the healthy (preferably easy) foods that you feed your kids.   Here are a couple the the foods I feed my girls that are healthy and super quick and easy:

Ghee- I use Ghee instead of regular butter for my girls. They really like and I feel much better giving it to them. Ghee is a clarified butter that has been melted slowly to separate the milk solids and therefore is casein free and is not hydrogenated. Ghee is helpful with digestion, rich in antioxidants and has a high content of fatty acids (brain food!). It is pricey though...13 oz will run you around $11! Also, I usually cook with coconut oil instead of vegetable or canola oils.

Almond Milk- Cow's milk has been notorious for slowing down Ava's digestive track so my girls both drink almond milk. (Nora actually still nurses more than she drinks almond milk). Loaded with magnese, selenium and vitamin E!

Flax-I used to be better at sneaking it in foods, but I primarily mix it with Peanut Butter for Ava's sandwiches.

Frozen Organic Berries- I've been buying them frozen and the girls really like them. And I think I've read some articles indicating frozen foods from the grocery store may even be better for you than fresh from the grocery store. And it's quick and easy (and cheaper) to always have on hand in the freezer.

Frozen organic peas- This is weird I know, but my girls love them for snacks. They eat them straight from the freezer. Couldn't get easier!

Dark chocolate covered frozen bananas- I don't know how healthy this is, but the girls love them for sweet treats and it's gotta be better than cake or cookies. Right?

From snacks to meals...I'm open to all suggestions!


Angela said...

My biggest problem is getting enough veggies in Cooke but one BIG hit is whole wheat sweet potato pancakes. I usually make up a batch on the weekends and then freeze what is leftover for him to eat throughout the week. You can puree your own sweet potatoes, but we're out of the baby-food-making days so I just buy baby food to use. Also, I cut them up and let him dip them in honey. We use a lot of raw local honey to help with seasonal allergies but there are a ton of other health benefits. Oh, and I haven't done it but you could definitely sneak some flax in there.... I might add that next time!

Also, we don't eat much meat so for some protein Cooke likes black beans, whole wheat couscous mixed with hummus (love it, too!) and tofu. Trader Joe's has this organic baked tofu in savory and teriyaki flavors that is SOO good. You can cook with it or eat it right out of the package.

I'm always looking for new food ideas, too!

Chris said...

i get that whole grain chocolate chip muffin mix and add a few smashed bananas instead of the oil and the boys love it. makes a great breakfast and it keeps me pretty full too since they are 100% whole grain. I also use the mulitgrain pasta instead of regular, and no one ever noticed anything. it's got lots of great stuff in there and you don't have to feel bad about feeding them pasta.

Meghan said...

Brecken eats a lot of black beans, cheese, and avocado for protein. I recently made a large batch of apple carrot muffins and banana muffins (both recipes very much doctored to include whole wheat flour, flax seed, etc.) and froze the majority of them for easy breakfast. I put them in the toaster oven for a few mins and put a little sunbutter on top once they are hot. Yum!
Hummus is also a big hit around here. Love Trader Joe's Mediterranean hummus!
I've also recently discovered that B likes yogurt and granola mixed when he was begging for mine. It's one I can also add flax to. I buy the large organic yogurt tubs from Trader Joe's - much cheaper than individual containers.
B also loves oatmeal. Last week I made a big batch on the stove on Monday (apples, oatmeal, milk, water, vanilla, cinnamon, honey, flax) and then just reheated each morning for breakfast. He will also eat it cold if I mix it with yogurt.
Oh, and he loves frozen organic berries too! He begs ("this, this, this!!!") for frozen blueberries straight from the bag. And yes, much cheaper than buying fresh.
I'm curious about the frozen peas idea...we'll try that at lunch. :)