Monday, April 11, 2011

Warning: MMRAW (Mascara Might Run At Work)

During his sermon on Sunday morning our preacher, Chris Smith, showed this video of a village in Kimyal, Indonesia receiving the New Testament translated into their language. When the video started I just knew I would cry and tried to talk myself out of it, because sometimes you just don't want your mascara to run all over your face, but to no avail. I cried. And then my sweet husband rubbed on my back all like- oh, my sensitive little wife who cries at the drop of any youtube video- which, of course, made me cry even more...I mean, everyone knows: showing any amount of kindness, especially touch, to a crying woman will result in more crying.

 So, anyway, I thought I'd share the video...and mess up your make-up too :)

I pray that this video will give me a new excitement about reading my Bible and that I don't take for granted the easy access that we have to God's word!


Audrey said...

This afternoon, I was just chilling at Starbucks, doing my Bible Study before my next babysitting gig and thought, "Hmmm... I couldn't be doing this everywhere in the world. Remember that." What a blessing our easy access to Scripture is, especially when paired with our amazing freedoms! Thank you for sharing this - perfect timing!