Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ava Laine

I haven't done any updates lately on the girls, so oldest first.

Ava Laine

4.5 years old and she is a true sweet, always saying "Mommy, come snuggle!!" Always telling me I am the cutest and sweetest Mommy.  Always telling me how much she loves me.  She loves the people she loves with all she has and she is my angel.  She's not always the best listener, she moves slow when we're in a hurry and runs fast when she needs to be still, and the only way to keep her from jibber jabbering non stop would be to super glue her mouth shut (which don't worry, we will not do:). But even in the midst of that she is pure, she is innocent, and she is naive...she's my angel.

She LOVES to play outside...sandbox, park, bike riding, trampoline jumping, picking flowers, chasing squirrels and birds, blowing bubbles, swimming, playing in dirt, riding 4 wheelers...I'm telling you-the girl would stay outside all day long and then find a nice place to sleep on the grass if you'd let her...She even requests to pee outside on the grass most days!

She is smart, smart, smart and has the memory of the elephant, but if she isn't interested in something and doesn't want to apply herself then she will not...absolutely. will. not. Strong willed? I think so.  She loves to go to pre-school and has told me a couple of times that she loves her teachers the most.  I am so thankful to have a pre-school that loves our girl so much!

I think she has a little crush and every-time I see her in the hallway at VBS she is hugging on him.  Oh my :)

If you ask her she will tell you her favorite food are bananas and her favorite color is blue. It has taken a lot of practice to get her to color things any color but blue and the bananas have to be kept on lock down around here! But in all honesty, if Ava likes something...she can eat INHUMAN amounts of it...luckily she is my healthy eater. She will eat a bowl of raw spinach with nothing on it at all...who does that?

She is the protector of her little sister.  Nora is always smacking her away because Ava is always pulling her away from things that she considers dangerous....It really is cute, but Ava's rescuing skills need a little fine tuning, since they tend to be a little more dangerous than whatever Nora is getting into!

I am so blessed to be the mommy of this sweet girl...she teaches me something new every day and the journey of being her mommy has been a faith building one that God has used to make me a better person.  The world doesn't always make sense to my sweet angel and it won't always be an easy place for her (but let's be real...this world isn't easy for anyone!) and the Lord has blessed me with the privilege of walking beside her and helping her through it!


Audrey said...

I love this post & I love Boo Bear!

Shane, Natalie, Madelyn & Murphy said...

That was so sweet! You brought tears to my eyes! Ava is an angel doll!