Friday, June 10, 2011

Sealed With A Kiss

We are so excited to be sending a little package {sealed with a kiss} to Baby T!  There is a family from our agency who is flying out to ET tomorrow and they are so gracious to get our package to the transition house for us and from there we hope it will eventually get to Baby T's orphanage.

We had so much fun shopping for our little guy!

Ava and Nora wanted to pick out pretty much everything in Babies R Us and had our stroller stuffed full of toys! We narrowed it down to a lovey, a football, a picture book with pics of our family and a little play outfit.

It warmed my heart to actually be buying things for our baby boy....I kept saying..."We are buying stuff for our little boy!"  Nate thought I was crazy, but he's used to it and pretty sure the cashier also thought I was crazy when I made her take a picture of us as we were checking out....Nate doesn't love taking pictures (I think family picture day is one of his most dreaded days of the whole year...seriously, there is a long list of unfortunate and painful things that he would rather do), but he was actually a good sport about this one even though it took more than one take:)  (see my sweet sunburn? boo.)

We say a prayer that our little package makes it to him and that he knows that there are quite a few people who love him very much and absolutely can NOT wait to get to him! We are coming as soon as we can, baby boy!!


Jennifer said...

Yeah! And I LOVE that y'all took a picture in the store. So cute!