Friday, July 15, 2011

Adoption Update: Moving Forward

We have had some good news and some bad news this week.

First the good news...

We have the green light and our adoption is now able to move forward!! Praise God!! We don't know any specifics as to when we will get or court date or when our court date will be, but we do know that we are moving forward and will receive one at some point hopefully in the near future.  It is so hard to wait, but there have been so many lessons in this wait and most importantly it has strengthened my relationship with the Lord.  HE is good.  HE did this!

  • We ask that you will please continue to pray for our case and that it will move super fast.  We don't expect to be traveling before the rainy season, but we would LOVE for God to surprise us with that and we are still praying for it to happen!  
  • We pray that our Baby T is being taken care of, that he is loved and safe, and that he somehow has the peace of knowing he will be with his family soon.

The bad news...

There are still many families whose situations are uncertain and we ask for your prayers for them also and that they will be able to get to their waiting children as soon as possible.  We have faith that God can work all of this out!

There can be so many roadblocks to adoption, and it just goes to prove that spiritual warfare is so real.  When you are following the Lord's plan the devil will try his very best to bring you down and to thwart those plans!  The devil is working overtime to keep these babies from loving Christian homes...BUT our God is greater and we are praying overtime that these babies are home soon!!



house of earnest* said...

So happy for you guys! Still continuing to pray for you guys every day!

Patricia Binkley said...

Continuing to pray for you and your baby and your growing family.

My boys were at Lipscomb with you and I am in a Tuesday group with Janet Slayden so we have all been praying for you