Friday, August 12, 2011

little bit of everything...

I haven't written much on the blog lately for many reasons....

We have been pretty busy enjoying these last months of summer.  We have been swimming, traveling to see family, cookouts, pool parties, spending time with friends and just having a lot of fun!

Our agency had their annual reunion and this year it was in Nashville! We had so much meeting such sweet families and made some great friends! It was also so great to meet the people CCI who we speak with so often through emails and phone calls!

The stomach bug got us down, one by one, we made it though, but no blogging was to be had!

Nate turned the BIG 3-0!! We had a surprise party for him with some good friends.  He had a great time and now claims that since he is a dad and has turned 30 he is allowed to wear a mustache whenever he wants....I kind of disagree!

The last week of courts before rainy season came and went without us hearing of a court date.  We were sad to not know our date and to have to go another 2 plus months without knowing when it may be. However, many families from our agency went to, and passed, court in it's last few weeks of being open.  We are excited for them and know that each family who goes to court means we are that much closer to going ourselves!

My grandmother had open heart bypass surgery and was in the hospital for a good bit.  I was out of town a couple of times to be with her and thanks to MANY prayers she is doing much better and was able to go home yesterday!

Now we have family coming in town this weekend and are really looking forward to some fun family time!!

My sister, Taylor, is moving here to go to Lipscomb and we are so excited to get to see more of her and to have family dinner nights with her!!

We are getting ready for school to start in a few weeks for Ava girl.  I can't believe that she is going into her last year of pre year I will be total mush when she heads off to Kindergarten! It hurts my heart to even think about it!! Even though Ava started pre school when she was precisely Nora's age I think Nora baby is going to stay home one more year...couldn't send her off just yet :)

And then we will be planning the birthday bash for the girls...Ava will be 5 and Nora will be 2....I think this will be a hard one for me because 5 just sounds SO OLD....and 2 is no longer a baby!  I just wish I could slow down time, but at the same time it is so amazing to watch them grow!

And hopefully before or right after that (clearly I'm hoping for sooner than later!) we will be in Ethiopia for court!! I am not EVER one to wish away summer...I love it and you will never hear me complain about 100 degree weather!!...but this year I am hoping the time between now and our court date passes quickly and painlessly as we wait to get to our sweet boy who I know is growing and changing every day without us!  We continue to pray that he is cared for and LOVED by his nannies and that he is healthy and happy!
Recovering with pedialyte pops!

Family Fun

Backyard Fun!

Fun with Friends!

Pool Party!

Daddy's BIG 3-0 Cake!

Mommy and Ava at CCI reunion