Saturday, February 7, 2009

25 Things About Ava Laine

As most of you facebookers know, there is a post going around where you state 25 things about yourself, and then post it to all your friends. Since most of my (3) blog readers love Ava updates, I thought I would do one for her. Here goes:

1 Ava was born on October 20, 2006. I was induced, due to pre eclampsia, around 1:30p.m. and she was born at 5:35 p.m. I think I pushed a total of three was all very fast and I remember probably as much as she does!

2. Ava never liked baby food.

3. Ava's soft spot didn't close until after she turned two.

4. She had her first doughnut two weeks ago (at doughnuts with dad at her school), and she has talked about doughnuts ever since.

5. Ava loves ALL animals, and if I get my way she's getting a red beta fish for V-day.

6. Ava has an ear lobe fetish. She rubs on them, kisses them, and asks to touch them if she is sad or hurts herself.(my ear lobes...not her own, but that would be more convenient)

7. She is Mickey Mouse's number one fan.

8. She loves numbers, shapes, and singing her ABC's.

9. Ava only falls asleep for naps if she's in her car seat.

10. She is fairly clumsy.

12. She has the memory of an elephant (i think that's what they say)...she remembers eeeeeeverything. This is sometimes good and sometimes bad.

13. If I get her in the mornings from her room she says "go find daddy"...if nate gets her she says "go find mommy"

14. Raisins make everything better.

15. She loves to boss Lola around. "Lola, no!" "Lola, hush!" "Off the couch, Lola!"

16. Ava is now a boogie eater. Not sure what to do about this.

17. She is the BEST snuggle bug ever!

18. She has started to be a picky veggie eater. The only one she'll consistently eat are peas.

19. She loves all fruit.

20. She just climbed onto the couch and is playing with my ear lobes.

21. She is obsessed with anyone's jewelry, and asks all females if they are wearing earrings.

22. She's a GREAT travel buddy. On a five hour drive or less we don't even need the dvd player!

23. She is a total grump after naps....she's doing better...she no longer cries for one hour straight.

24. She's never had an ear infection. And the only time we've been to the Dr, other than well visits, have been for mosquito bites that I thought were MRSA...oops.

25. She had to take miralax everyday, but we are hoping this is our last month!


The Watsons said...

i love this post! i was going to tell you my fav numbers....but i really think they are all great...1-25! she is precious and so are you!

chris anne said...

love the new posts. ava is so funny!

Andrea said...

I love that you thought it was MRSA...I lost it! Please post more...

Andrea said...

I love that you thought it was MRSA..I busted out laughing. Please post more!

Colleen P. said...

Since she now likes to pick her nose and likes raisins, you might want to watch out for the raisins going in the nose...just a thought. :)
I saw on your status about your blog updating and I thought I'd check it out. It's a VERY cute blog!