Sunday, February 22, 2009

Introducing...Valentine, the "Beba" Fish!

Well, you may have noticed my mention of getting Ava a Beta fish for Valentine's Day in a previous post. Nathaniel was against the fish and resisted for a while, BUT Ava and I won and she got a fish for Valentine's Day. Fittingly, he is red and his name is Valentine. She calls him her "Beba" Fish, and it's pretty cute...she LOVES him! Her Mimi and Papa have a Beta fish that she talks about ALL the time, so I thought she needed one too. Whenever we hear one of the kitchen chairs scooting across the floor we know that Ava is on her way to visit Valentine. She talks to him and stares at him for a large part of the day...The first three days were a little rough (I had to change the water three times in three days). The first time I had to change the water was because she fed the fish shredded cheese. The second time was because she pulled out a bunch of rock and the plant. The third time was because a large portion of the water was mysteriously all of the counter. It took some training, but now Ava keeps her grubby little fingers out of the fish bowl! The fish survived through all of I think he's sticking around



Shane, Natalie, & Madelyn said...

I hope Ava is feeling better from the pink eye....yuck! Hopefully she'll be back to her sweet self soon!

Andrea said...

I love her jammies! And the shredded cheese was hilarious...she just knew the fish was hungry!