Monday, February 16, 2009

Diggin' For Gold

Well, Ava is officially a booger picker. I swear if she was digging for gold we would be totally rich by now. She is totally amazed with this new discovery and has even started to eat them!! The first time we caught her picking her nose we told her that it was yucky. She proceded to tell us that, "Ava likes boogies!" and that, "Ava likes big boogies. Ava likes little boogies." From there she stuck one in her mouth and said "mmmmmmmmm!" I may be a bad parent, but this just made me laugh out loud (to her pleasure). Now she likes to say "mmm tasty boogies!" I'm not sure if now we should ignore the boogie eating or remind her that it's just plain gross. Until we figure it out, we will leave you with this picture of the cutest boogie eater on the block!