Thursday, January 13, 2011

We ALL want our Nolan home!

I had a conversation with Ava at dinner that just melted my heart! It went like this:

Ava:  "When are we going to bring Nolan home??"
Me:    "It will be a little while, honey.  I know it's hard to wait, isn't it?"
Ava:   "Ava wants to go to Africa and get him now!"
Me:    "Well, only Mommy and Daddy can go because it's reallllly far 
           away.We have to ride on airplane for a long time and you would
           probably get bored."
Ava:   "I can just stay with Mimi."
Me:    "That's a great idea!"
Ava:   "Will you get to see the Eifle Tower??"

So sweet and so funny :)


house of earnest* said...

you might see the Eiffel Tower from the plane... can't totally rule it out.