Monday, February 13, 2012

22 Months Old and an Ocean Away

Happy 22 months to our sweet Chet Tamerat!!

My Precious Son,

We have watched you grow from 13 months to 22 months old through updates, pictures, and videos. We pray that this is the last month that you will grow older without us and that you ALWAYS know just how much we love you and how hard we are fighting to have you in our family. We long for you to be here with us and we know that God will make a way! We wait with anticipation for the moment that you are in our arms forever and we start making sweet memories as a family. Even though you are not here yet, you are always in our hearts and minds and you are loved deeply from an ocean away.

Your Mommy!


Jennifer said...

Praying the same thing with you! We all know how hard you're fighting to bring that sweet boy home! Love the new picture! Precious!