Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Created for Care

A couple of weekends ago I had the opportunity to go to the Created for Care Retreat (in Buford, GA on Lake Lanier) which is for adoptive mommas (or people thinking about being an adoptive momma). It was SO wonderful...I signed up to go to C4C in September thinking that my little boy would have been home for a while by the time I went. And then, as time went on, I thought he would be too newly home for me to be able to go. And then I was thinking I would be in Africa and not be able to go. But as it turns out he's not home yet and I was able to make it to the retreat. I am always trying to find the good in our wait and this retreat is definitely on the list. I am SO thankful that I was able to go!
The beautiful lake
I went with some friends from church and we had a wonderful time together, not to mention all of the wonderful people that we met! There were 433 women there (and 400 new women coming to the retreat in march...WOW!) and I learned SO much from the sessions that I really felt renewed and refreshed by the end of the weekend....not to mention better equipped to bring home an adopted toddler. I met many people whose child was the exact same age as CT when they were adopted so I got LOTS of great advice and tips. One thing I cam away with...Toddler Adoption is Hard!! I am up for the challenge and the hard road...even if it's not easy for a while I know that this boy deserves a family who loves him and that we are no doubt the one God chose for him. My heart could just burst with the love I have for him and am not able to giving him right now!
newest picture of our little guy! isn't your heart about to burst too???
One of the most special moments of the retreats was an hour or so that was blocked out for a "date with God"...there were different stations where you could spend personal time with God...they ranged from clay, paint, post it prayer walls, reflection tent...etc. Well, there was one that was called "pray for the nations" and the wall was lined with maps and there was a big plastic map covering the floor. I immediately knew that was where I wanted to go first. I wanted to sit right down on that map, lay my hands on Ethiopia and PRAY relentlessly for my little boy and his home country. I bee-lined for the map and as soon as I closed my eyes I could feel I was right there with him, praying over his sweet little self. The emotions of this moment were so strong as I cried (shocker!) and prayed for our little boy. I felt other hands join mine and could hear many tears hitting against the plastic. At one moment I opened my eyes and there were five other hands forming a circle around the word ETHIOPIA on the map. Five mommas praying and in tears for their little ones from this country. Some of them have yet to see their child's face, some of us had met them and had to leave them, maybe some were already home. No matter the situation we were all drawn to this special place on the map...this place in the world that will always be a part of our souls!

Y'all...I. HAD. CHILLS. and of course I wanted to break out my phone and take a picture of the hands that were praying over Ethiopia, but I didn't want to be the creepy girl taking pictures :) or take away from their time with God...so I didn't, but I will never forget it...What a blessing. God loves Ethiopia. God loves orphans. God loves Chet Tamerat....I already knew that, but man it was good to rest in it.