Friday, November 11, 2011

Ethiopia Day 2

October 31, 2011

Today was a such an emotional day!! Oh my...where to start??

Well, first of all we woke up to a delicious breakfast of what Nate says are the best eggs of his WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE!! Now that is impressive! But, seriously, Chile is an excellent cook!

Our new friends from Nashville, the Archies, arrived this morning and we were SO happy to see them! It is so cool to see the bond that grows between other adoptive families that God has placed in our lives on this journey.  The Archies are a family that we loved right away...they are an awesome, God loving family who we have a ton of fun with!

They are adopting a little boy, around age 10, named Getu. He is from the Wolisso area, like CT, so we had already planned to head out to the country together (and split the $100 travel fare!). So after they changed and got settled we all boarded the van and headed out on the beautiful drive to Wolisso.

On the way we stopped by Getu's uncles house so they could meet his family and talk with them. Oh my goodness...while this was an amazing experience it was SO emotional! I cried like a big baby, but I was thankful to be able to share in their experience and to take pictures and video for them! As soon as we got out of the car in the village, there we were swarmed by sweet kiddos. I think I gave out 80 Peanut butter cracker packages in two minutes!

After we left there we headed to meet the orphanage director to pick up C.T. He still didn't love us and wasn't sure about what was going on, but his amazing director rode with us on the rest of our stops in the country and all the way back to the city.

Our next stop was for the Archie's to meet their son for the first time.  We pulled up to the orphanage and there he was with the biggest smile on his face! He ran up to the van and the moment of meeting their son for the first time was absolutely priceless!

We hung out at the orphanage for a while and played with all of the kids who were all older boys. They were so excited to get candy and toys and to play games with us. They were all so precious and we had a great time with them! We also got to spend a little time with the village children who had chased our van to the orphanage and stood at the gate trying to get in on the fun!

After a while we loaded back in the van and headed back towards the city. CT decided this was a great opportunity to nap and slept the whole way on his Nanny.

Once we arrived at the guest house we quickly took CT and headed out of sight and he didn't cry for his Nanny again! We changed his clothes to one of the cute outfits we brought him and put him in some shoes that fit (he was wearing a 7 and is actually a size 5!). He still loved his Mekina (car) so we played with that for a while as well as a Kuas (ball) ...he has a serious arm and could kick it across the court yard!

For dinner time we went to a local restaurant with the Archies and Yonatan (our super wonderful new friend who runs the guest house). Dinner was super good and CT ate lots of pizza! He was such a good boy and just sat in my lap the whole time and snuggled :) Yonatan did make fun of me for cutting up CT's pizza into small bites...apparently they don't do that in Ethiopia! I guess he doesn't know me and that my fear of choking hazards is so strong that my oldest child once warned her little sister to be careful because the kitchen table is a choking hazard!

We got home and and put CT to bed...we have no idea how he sleeps at night, but he laid down pretty easy so we are hoping for a good night! It has been an exhausting few days and it's so surreal to be in Africa and laying our son down in his crib for our first night together. There are no words....Thank you, Jesus!

Blessings From Ethiopia,