Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ethiopia Day 4

November 2, 2011

Ethiopia Day 4

C.T. didn't exactly sleep well last night...and I actually  lost count of how many times I got up. He has a good stretch at the beginning of the night, but the second half gets smidge rougher :) So please excuse the "I need sleep" look in the following pictures!

Today we went to the Lion Zoo...The symbol of Lion represents the Lion of Judah and is an important party of Ethiopian history and you see it quite often (read more about the Lion of Judah and some other ET facts HERE!) I can only assume that is why they have a zoo dedicated to lions. Lions are cool no matter what...but the conditions were quite sad. C.T. enjoyed looking at all of the animals and did great just being toted around in the ergo carrier.  We bought him an ice cream cone at one point and he wanted nothing to do with it! But, he loves him some puffs and gerber banana cookies. 

After the zoo we went to eat lunch at a restaurant called Lucy's which was super delicious and the atmosphere was very cool. C.T. just eats off of both of our plates like a mad man and makes the biggest mess you've ever seen! He loved the veggies on my plate and I think he considers utensils as cool new toys. He groups them together, separates them, throws them, puts them in cups, etc..He discovered the flowers and was a total boy when he grabbed them, crushed them, and then threw them on the ground...ha!...such a change from our girls who seek out and cherish every single flower! And of course he told everyone "chow" as we is quite possibly the cutest thing EVER!!! 

While we were out we passed where the president and prime minister live (two different locations). They were both very cool and very large, but I didn't have my camera out and missed the moment. But we are just loving seeing and learning more about Ethiopia.  C.T. loves to be on the go, so we have been exploring quite a bit!


Jenny said...

We ate at Lucy's on both trips! Love the pictures!

Ashley said...

Wasn't it delicious!? It was Nate's favorite...I am SURE we will be back!!

Jennifer said...

LOVE reading the details about each day of your trip! I get more and more excited reading about it (even though we don't have a referral yet!). Can't wait to hear news that you're going BACK!