Friday, November 11, 2011

Ethiopia Day Three

November 1, 2011

Have we really only been here three days?? We feel so at home here already that Nate's first words this morning to me were, "I could definitely live here." We love this place so much and are so enjoying soaking in every piece of this country that we can!

I am pretty sure we are just going to cry every day that we are here, and I'm okay with that! I woke up more than once in the middle of the night to see tears coming down my husband's face as he was totally overcome by the emotion of this trip.  I certainly don't think that he expected to fall in love with this place and this boy so immediately.  But, God is good and the transformation of Nate's heart since we have started this adoption journey has been so amazing that it can only be God! I am so thankful for this man that God has blessed me with and his willingness to be wrecked for the Lord and what He says He holds dear...the orphans, the widows...the least of these.

Today we mostly had a chill day hanging out with our little man. We played in the court yard quite a bit and CT was just SO funny! He wanted to do anything the big boys did. If they walked somewhere, he followed. If they bent down, he bent down. If they played soccer, he played soccer. We had so much fun playing with him and enjoyed seeing his personality show! He loved popping the bubbles and would pop them with all of his boy vigor...he would smirk and almost smile while he was popping them, but we got our good smiles later in the evening when he was rough housing with daddy. After months of pictures and videos without seeing a smile on our sweet boys face, we FINALLY got one today. Oh how good it felt to see the happiness in his eyes and to reach this milestone in our bonding!  His smile is worth about a million dollars, I'm sure!

first smile

We had our first Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony today and it was so very cool to experience this tradition! Coffee is one of our most favorite things is the best I've ever tasted!

Later in the evening we all went with the Brockman's to the transition house to drop of their girls since they are heading back to the states tonight. It was the first goodbye we have witnessed and it was pretty much heart breaking! I pray that they will be back so soon to bring their two girls home!! CT loves riding in the car...we have taught him to say vroom...and he vrooms at every car that passes! He hasn't ever been to the city before and he LOVES taking in all the sights!
the ladies of our awesome drivers


After the T-house we went to eat at a chinese restaurant and it was SO delicious!! I thought it was totally random to have an authentic chinese restaurant in Africa and I think it was the hardest place for us to communicate thus far...there was quite a bit lost in translation!  Ct just hung out in my lap during dinner as he played with his car and imitated everything that I did...If I cut up food he pretended to cut up food. When I tie his shoe he unties it to try to tie it himself.  I am telling you, he is a little genius!

CT fell asleep at dinner and we walked the short walk back to our guesthouse and put him to bed...he only woke up one time last night, so we are praying for another great night tonight!! He has yet to drink milk or take his bottle from us, but he is a professional water bottle drinker!

After we put CT down we started a game of spades with the Archies (wives against husbands) and it got a little heated (mostly because Nathaniel and I are pretty competitive against each other!)...if you are wondering who won, let's just say, the men cheated!!! :)

We were sad to see the Brockman's go, but two more families flew in tonight and are staying here with us...I am sure they are going to be awesome as well!!



Jenny said...

This brings tears for so many reasons! I'm so happy for you guys that you are experiencing the life changing journey of adoption AND spending time in Ethiopia. There are tears of sadness because I miss that place so much. There are tears of awe at how God transforms hearts and lives. Great blog. Thank you for sharing your journey so I can re-live mine :).

Sarah Ezell said...

Love it!

Ashley said...

So glad you are enjoying it, Jenny...I can't wait to get back!!!

Sarah, and I love you!!