Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ethiopia Day 5

November 3, 2011

We woke up to delicious pancakes that Chile had made and C.T. LOVED them!!  He decided to learn how to use a fork and it took him about 10 seconds to master it.  He was so funny and intent on using it! He cheated a couple of times when he would hold the fork in his hand and pick up his food with the fingers of his same hand....he's so funny! We pretty much have to wear or have washed new pajamas each day, because each morning he has a total blow out and let me just tell you I have never seen or smelled anything like it...It is a two man job, and would really be best with three!!



angel boy

Many of the families had court today and so we got some house keeping and errands ran.  We took C.T. to the pediatrician to get his faced looked at and his cough.  The Dr. was great. Very nice and knowledgeable.  He told us that his face was excema and gave us a prescription for a cream to put on it and since his lungs were not clear he also gave us a prescription for that.  C.T. did great at the Dr.! He only cried for one little second...he was ate about 3,000 puffs in the waiting room and shared his trucks and cars with the other little boys who were waiting. Afterwards we went to the pharmacy to pic up his meds which cost about zero dollars.  

We got home to the great news that everyone had passed court!!! This is so exciting for them and for us since we go to court TOMORROW!! It's a very good sign and we are praying we hear the same news! I already love this boy with all of my heart, but I can't wait until I am officially and legally his MOMMY!!

C.T loves Mr. Michael

such a boy face...definitely trying to bust the glow stick open

CT loves Michael Jr. too!

CT can really throw!

silly daddy time!
The tide is turning on who C.T is preferring. He is definitely turning into a daddy's boy. He is definitely bonding and attaching with both of us, and at the beginning of the week when he just wanted to chill and be held he was a mommy's boy. But now that his crazy boy personality is showing through he really enjoys that time with daddy and is starting to prefer him over me...in the middle of the night last night he even wanted Nate to be the one to get up with him!! I'll be honest, I've never had a child not be totally attached to Mommy...while it was kind of nice to sleep during the night last night, hopefully we can find a happy medium...
sleepy signs!

family photo

pizza time!

We gave C.T. pizza for dinner and then put him to bed and decided to go out to Yod Abyssinia, a traditional Ethiopian restaurant with traditional Ethiopian dancing....some friends stayed behind with their little twins and since CT's first sleep stretch always lasts until just after midnight he stayed with them and the Nannies at the guest house.

the crew...minus me (the picture taker) and yonaton(parking the car somewhere really far away)

apparently this is what you drive when you have lots of $$ in ET.

me and crystal..yes, we matched
We had a complete blast at dinner. The music and dancing was so fun and the Archie's little boy, Getu even got in on the action!! We laughed the ENTIRE night and the food was delicious. If you are in Addis you MUST check it out. We will be back again for sure!! 

Tomorrow we head to court...The BIG day!!

Blessings From Ethiopia,