Friday, February 10, 2012

We've been "Nairobi'd"

When we were submitted to embassy on Dec 8th the thought of being Nairobi'd (as some have recently coined it...since, besides the rare case here and there, it's a fairly new phenomenon) made me want to pretty much throw up. But our case had pretty much stopped making forward progress, so when we got that email on February 1st that told us the news part of me was very sad, and part of me was relieved to at least have something happening.

I know not everyone knows what it means to be sent to Nairobi, so let me explain our situation really quickly.

Our case went to the US Embassy in hopes of being approved for a visa for CT (so that he can come home). Unfortunately our case was deemed "not clearly approvable.". This doesn't mean that he can never be awarded a visa, but that our case needs further review. It will now be reviewed at the USCIS office in Nairobi, Kenya.  The timeframe for this is approximately 30 whole, long, excruciating days, but a deadline none the less (at which point you are cleared or sent for more review-which we won't even think about right now!).  It takes a week for the files to make it to Kenya and ours arrived as expected on February 8th.

So now, the countdown it on! But, get this, the majority of families lately are clearing in a week to a week and a half after their file arrives in Kenya...not 30 (whole, long, excruciating) days!! That is super encouraging news and we've got a little favor to ask of you :)

Will you join us in PRAYING that our case follows this trend and is CLEARED in the name of JESUS super, duper, miraculously FAST??? We covet your prayers and we are thankful for a God who hears them!

The countdown to our sweet CT is on!!